Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 Product Key License with 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Drive Included

Shipping with USB installer, and package included the code(s)

Shipping from Austria to EU and Worldwide (

International letter Prices: (Included)

EU and Rest of Europe, Worldwide Eco. £ 9.60,-

Shipping Time: min. 1-6 Business Days, max. 12 Business Days


Visual Studio Professional 2019
Turn great ideas into exceptional solutions. This full-featured development environment provides individuals and small teams the tools for building the next generation of apps and games.

3 people icon quick link connect collaborate
Real-time collaboration with Visual Studio Live Share

Whether your team is across the room or across the world, working together is easy with Visual Studio Live Share, installed with Visual Studio 2019. It’s available at the click of a button for many projects, app types and languages. Invite your teammates to join your development session and fix a bug or collaborate on a quick change.

Azure icon
Support for Azure cloud services

No need for building and maintaining your own infrastructure by taking advantage of support for Docker and Kubernetes containers, microservices architecture with Azure Service Fabric and Service Fabric Mesh, and other PaaS services, including Azure App Service, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions.

IntelliCode Icon
Smart Assistance with Visual Studio IntelliCode

Write code faster than before with context-aware, AI-powered IntelliSense code completion, provided by the highly trainable Visual Studio IntelliCode. Start training its algorithms on your own code repositories to share with your team.

Detail Icon
Get every detail right

Stay on top of the details as you move your project forward, with new debugging improvements including Autos, Locals and Watch window search, better performance and a Collections Visualiser. Drive code maintainability and fix errors, warnings and suggestions with one-click code clean-up and new refactoring capabilities. A document health indicator will help you identify issues, so you can get your code ‘to green’.


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